Ladyfinger Restaurant: A stunning greek fine dining experience in Mykonos

Located within the Andronikos Hotel in Mykonos, the fully renovated Ladyfinger restaurant offers more than just a meal; it provides an immersive culinary journey against the backdrop of a stunning 260-degree view of the island.

The seven-course menu, created by consultant chef Gikas Xenakis and chef Stergios Bitsis, aptly named “Ladyfinger’s Taste Experience,” is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to gastronomic excellence, featuring a symphony of flavors that celebrate the finest local ingredients and innovative cooking techniques.

Welcome Bites

The journey begins with Kerasmata, described as “our welcome bites.” This introduction sets the tone for the evening, offering a tantalizing hint of the creativity and care that goes into each dish.

These bites are a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, designed to awaken the palate and prepare diners for the culinary adventure ahead.

The first course, Tomato Festive, is a vibrant celebration of one of the Mediterranean’s staple ingredients. This dish features yellow tomatoes, tomato sorbet, juice from cherry tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and crispy bread.

The variety of tomato preparations showcases the fruit’s versatility, while the cucumber and basil add freshness. The crispy bread tuile provides a satisfying contrast in texture, making each bite a delightful exploration of flavors.

Next up, the Kiladas Shrimps dish highlights light marinated shrimp accompanied by cherry, kefir, rose, and tapioca. The shrimp are perfectly marinated, allowing their natural sweetness to shine.

The cherries add a hint of tartness, while the kefir and rose bring a subtle creaminess and floral note. The tapioca pearls add an unexpected texture, elevating the dish to a sophisticated level of culinary artistry.

The Fermented Artichoke from Tinos Island is a standout dish that pays homage to local produce. Accompanied by egg lemon wild fennel sauce, crème from dried grapes and Tonka, and Mykonian lard, this dish is a complex interplay of flavors.

The fermentation process intensifies the artichoke’s earthy notes, while the egg lemon sauce adds a zesty brightness. The dried grape crème and Tonka bean introduce a sweet and aromatic layer, balanced by the richness of the Mykonian lard.

Aegean Catch of the Day features a perfectly cooked seabream, presented with zucchini puree, seaweed sauce, pickled beetroots, and fluffy fried bread filled with oysters. This dish is a true testament to the bounty of the Aegean Sea.

The fish is cooked to perfection, its delicate flavor enhanced by the creamy zucchini puree and umami-rich seaweed sauce. The pickled beetroots add a vibrant color and tangy contrast, while the oysters and fluffy fried bread provide luxurious and comforting textures.

For the main course, diners have the choice between Slow Cooked Lamb and Beef Prime.

The Slow Cooked Lamb is a masterpiece of slow cooking, resulting in tender, flavorful meat. Accompanied by eggplant imam textures, beans, and a sauce with cumin and mousse tirovolia, this dish is rich and hearty.

The eggplant imam textures and beans add depth and substance, while the cumin sauce introduces a warm, aromatic spice. The mousse tirovolia provides a creamy, tangy finish, balancing the robust flavors of the lamb.

Alternatively, the Beef Prime offers a luxurious meat option, served with Florina bell peppers puree, okra (or ladysfinger) on coals, onion pickles, and sauce stifado (stew).

The beef is succulent and tender, perfectly complemented by the sweet and smoky bell peppers puree.

The okra on coals adds a unique charred flavor, while the onion pickles introduce a tangy brightness. The sauce stifado ties the dish together with its rich, savory depth.

Chilled Strawberry and Mykonian Honey Pie

The dessert courses begin with Chilled Strawberry, which features three strawberry textures, yogurt, and coffee. This dish is a refreshing and light conclusion to the meal, with the strawberries presented in varied textures that highlight their natural sweetness and tartness.

The yogurt adds a creamy tang, while the coffee provides a subtle, earthy bitterness that balances the dish.

The final course, Mykonian Honey Pie, is a decadent end to the culinary journey. This dish includes cremeux tirovolia, lime jelly, honey pasteli, and red grape sorbet. The honey pie is rich and indulgent, with the cremeux tirovolia adding a creamy, tangy note.

The lime jelly introduces a zesty contrast, while the honey pasteli provides a sweet, nutty crunch. The red grape sorbet is a refreshing palate cleanser, rounding off the meal with its fruity, icy freshness.

Dining at Ladyfinger in the Andronikos Hotel is more than just a meal; it is an experience that engages all the senses. The seven-course menu, crafted with precision and passion, showcases the best of Mykonian ingredients and culinary traditions.