Tudor Hall: A Michelin Star Fine Dining atop King George Hotel

Athens’ Tudor Hall restaurant (situated on the rooftop of King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel) offers a captivating dining experience in the heart of the city. Guests can admire the magical historic surroundings while indulging in a fine dining menu awarded one Michelin Star.

Head Chef Asterios Koustoudis and Chef de Cuisine Nikos Livadias, known for their dedication to quality, orchestrate these exceptional dishes.

Fresh, seasonal vegetables and ingredients are the hallmarks of Tudor Hall’s menu, guaranteeing a constantly evolving selection that reflects the current season’s bounty. To complete the experience, an award-winning wine list, curated by the hotel’s Head Sommelier, Evangelos Psofidis, features selections from both Greece and around the world.

The table was set with two homemade cold cuts: the first was pork ‘nduja and chorizo French baguette with sourdough.

This was followed by four aromatic butters: one flavoured with dill pickle, one with sweet tomato paste, one with aged Gruyère from Crete, and one with extra virgin olive oil. Also included were breadsticks with saffron and parmesan, and various breads and crackers.

The tasting began with an array of overwhelming amuse-bouches: a tomato lollipop stuffed with moist and cool gazpacho; Potato mousse with chorizo at the base and potato straw with molle cheese on top.

A bao bun with royal crab and yuzu; a tartare with smoked eel, pickled cucumber, and caviar; a mini blintz with salmon balique, caviar, buttermilk infusion, lemongrass, and ginger.

Each tasting bite was excellent, each with its own flavourful character and unique architecture.

Some of the dishes I tasted at Tudor Hall

Tartare of Koilados shrimps, scallops cooked in barbecue with duck fat and caviar on top, with soya, kombu, citrus and espresso dressing. On the side, a tapioca cracker with some shrimp tartare as well. The dish explodes with contrasting textures and temperatures.

The cool, melt-in-your-mouth Koilados shrimp tartare gives way to the warm, smoky sweetness of the barbecue-cooked scallops. The rich caviar adds a pop of briny indulgence, while the white soybean and espresso dressing offers a surprising savoury-coffee depth. The tapioca crackers provide a delightful crunch that complements the soft textures of the seafood.

Celeriac purée with apple compote on the base, and on top sabayon, grated truffle, and hazelnut. The celeriac purée, smooth and earthy, dissolves on your tongue, giving way to bursts of sweet and tart apple compote.

A luxurious sabayon adds a touch of boozy richness, its airy texture contrasting with the creamy base. The crown jewels? Shavings of truffle, their intense aroma and flavour infusing every bite. Finally, a hint of hazelnut adds a delightful textural and nutty counterpoint, creating a symphony of sweet, savoury, and earthy notes.

Saddle of lamb with grilled caul fat, ‘harissa’, slow-cooked leg with sun-dried tomato, and terrine on flatbread with yoghurt and Florina pepper.

A tender lamb saddle, its richness amplified by the savoury, fatty embrace of grilled caul fat. Harissa’s fiery kiss adds a touch of North African intrigue. Then, there’s the slow-cooked leg, its depth of flavour infused with sun-dried tomatoes.

Each bite is a symphony of textures: the melt-in-your-mouth lamb contrasted by the crisp flatbread slathered with cool yoghurt. A finishing touch of Florina pepper, sweet with a hint of heat, lingers on the palate, making this a truly memorable dish.

The restaurant’s desserts are also of an extremely high standard.

I tried the ‘Pink Lady’, apples tatin with vanilla and tonka bean, caramelized ‘golden’ apples with brioche, mascarpone ice cream, and white cheese siphon. The other desserts, including the mignardises, were also of an excellent high standard.

Award-winning wine pairings complete the amazing experience.

The service was prompt, impeccable, and knowledgeable about the ingredients in each dish.