Pelagos Athens: An Epicurean Paradise created by chef Luca Piscazzi

An opulent gastronomic experience. Multidimensional dishes boasting pure, unadulterated flavors. Drawing primarily from the bounties of the Mediterranean, the ingredients are meticulously sourced. The artful orchestration of harmonious and balanced combinations reflects an unwavering commitment to the minutest intricacies.

Under the expert guidance of Michelin-starred Luca Piscazzi, the esteemed Head Chef of Pelagos Athens at the prestigious Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens, a culinary masterpiece unfolds within their latest menu. An unparalleled dining experience is crafted to evoke profound excitement.

Chef Luca Piscazzi

The chef graciously welcomed me with an array of four distinct and delectable amuse-bouches.

Firstly, a duo of translucent chips, one infused with beetroot essence, while the other bore the crispness of green apple. Each chip harbored a delicate interplay of creams; one rich with foie gras and the other delicately smoked eel.

The second offering artfully imitated sea urchins, delicately filled with a harmonious blend of taramas and pomegranate essence.

Following suit, the third presentation showcased two brioche buns brimming with the velvety essence of pumpkin foam and the lusciousness of hazelnut praline.

Lastly, a spectacular culmination arrived in the form of a steamed clam adorned with a frothy oyster emulsion, accompanied by nuances of tomato jelly, hints of plankton powder, and the delightful crunch of seaweed crackers.

From the delicate beetroot and apple-infused chips with foie gras and smoked eel creams to the artful sea urchin imitation filled with taramas and pomegranate, each bite revealed nuanced, tantalizing tastes, elevating the first culinary experience remarkably.

The first dish I tasted from the new winter menu was the beef tartare. Marinated in Wagyu fat, it exuded opulence and harmonized perfectly with ponzu-infused shrimp. An unexpected twist came through the mustard ice cream, enhancing its allure. The gazpacho, an amalgamation of purple cabbage and Chesina oil, provided a revitalizing counterpoint, with hints of anise lending nuanced depth. This orchestration delivered a remarkable fusion of savory and tangy flavors, leaving an exquisite impression on the palate.

Next, I sampled the Caviar pasta. A chilled creation of Setaro spaghetti, it boasted a medley of flavors. Its clam emulsion, infused with ginger and lime, danced elegantly alongside dill and capers. Adorned with Crystal Caviar from Maison de Caviar in Paris, this dish reached its crescendo with almond cream, crafting a symphony of delicate marine essence and nutty richness.

The third course featured the tuna. The tuna belly fillet, marinated in piquant Blu 61 cheese and grapefruit, showcased an intriguing fusion. Accompanied by a radicchio and beetroot salad, it offered a contrast of sweet and bitter. Homemade Blu 61 ice cream added a creamy tang, while a beetroot sauce infused with Tasmanian pepper imparted subtle heat, culminating in a sophisticated interplay of savory, tangy, and spicy flavors.

Moving on to the Cuttlefish carbonara, it emerged as a revelation, blending the ocean’s essence with culinary finesse. Tender cuttlefish, adorned with an original carbonara sauce, exuded creamy indulgence. The broccolini puree contributed a subtle earthy note, while the tsukudani seaweed salad lent a delightful sea iodine flavor. This symphony of flavors, a marriage of sea and land, orchestrated a harmonious ensemble, presenting a unique and flavorful interpretation of the classic carbonara.

Following this, the roasted langoustine, encircled by shiitake mushrooms, presented an exciting blend of earthy and sea flavors. Its companions, robust porcini mushroom and topinambur puree, intertwined with the nuttiness of walnuts, created a harmonious melody. A sauce marrying pomegranate with langoustine consommé enveloped the dish, providing sweet and savory dimensions. Each bite offered a symphony of textures, merging the tender juicy taste of the langoustine with the creamy puree, offering a sensory journey through earthy, nutty, and subtly fruity notes. This culinary masterpiece unfolded as a rich mosaic of flavors, creating an extraordinary, luxurious dining experience.

Next in line was the Turbot. The Turbot Meuniere, adorned with a sauce of cavolo nero and hints of kaffir lime, culminated in a dance of exquisite flavors. The delicate, flaky turbot was impeccably cooked, its tenderness complemented by the earthy richness of cavolo nero. Subtle citrus notes from kaffir lime elevated each bite, adding a refreshing dimension. The dish reached its crescendo with the indulgent perch caviar, lending bursts of briny sophistication.

Finally, the last dish of the menu was the duck. The smoked Challans duck, aged to perfection, unveiled a symphony of flavors. Served alongside Hokkaido pumpkin slices and a velvety pumpkin puree, it offered a blend of smokiness and natural sweetness. The accompanying tonka, amaretto, and orange chutney infused tangy and aromatic notes, while the rich jus from the duck amplified the dish’s depth. This ensemble orchestrated a harmonious marriage of smoky, sweet, and tangy profiles, culminating in an indulgent and sophisticated gastronomic experience.

The dinner concluded with amazing desserts by chefs Luca Piscazzi and pastry chef Greta Malatesta.

The Grand Marnier Souffle, a celestial delight, unveiled a symphony of citrus-infused bliss. Its airy texture harmonized with vibrant zest; a dance of citrus notes complemented by the subtle warmth of saffron. Paired with luscious vanilla ice cream, this creation elevated with contrasting textures and flavors, creating a divine indulgence.

The other desserts, including the migniardise, were also at an excellent high level.

The service was prompt, impeccable, and knowledgeable about the ingredients in each dish.